Thursday, April 19, 2012

Time Marches Onward

The past week has been weird, in more ways than one. What it really comes down to though is I'm just sort of waiting for time to pass. I'm waiting for the summer to be upon us and see whatever it is that brings. And I'm eagerly awaiting the release of Intel's new Ivy Bridge chips. I'm exited, of course, but whatever I do end up deciding to buy I'll likely be paying off for over a year. Which, of course, could end up being a terrible idea. But I'm hoping I'll be in a position to make some money soon, but like I've said, I'm much too scared of being without a computer. I remember those days and I have no desire to return to them. But no worries, this is why we have credit! And debt. So that's pretty much the extent of what I've been doing. If it sounds boring it's because it is. I haven't even really played any games in a while... I have ben reading a lot, and if anyone cares I highly recommend Ringworld by Larry Niven and I've also been enjoying Glasslands, the newest chapter in the Halo books storyline. So that's...pretty much it. I'm gonna go make some fucking spaghetti. 


  1. Nice post bro, been missing you around here!

  2. Thanks! I've just not really done anything interesting haha.