Monday, April 9, 2012

Reese's Sticks

Alright so I'm gonna talk about Reese's Sticks. That's right, those fuckers right up there. You think that's stupid? Look at how many fucks I give. 

Anyway, Reese's Sticks are basically heaven in a candybar. It's the classic amazing combination of chocolate and peanut butter but with added delicious wafer crispiness. They were my favorite. You heard me right. WERE. Because they're disappearing. I haven't seen them in a store for years. YEARS. 

Why. I just want to know why. Who would take these away from the world? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? I'm worried. I'm very worried. What does this say about our society? It's says we're completely screwed. And that we have utterly horrible taste in candy.


  1. Ooooooh duude!

    We got this new thing here in Sweden called Starbar (you probably have it too) which is exactly the same thing! Bought seven of them in one go... Did not feel to well after that.

    But a man gotta do what man gotta do.

    1. Cool I'll see if I can find some. There's these things called Nutty Bars that are the same idea but they just aren't the same...